Neoen acknowledges the Yorta Yorta people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Goorambat Solar Farm will harvest the energy of the sun. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.
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The Goorambat Solar Farms, consisting of the approved Goorambat East Solar Farm (250 MW) and the Goorambat West Solar Farm under development, are a community led initiative supporting utility scale renewable development for the Goorambat region.

Neoen have a long term interest in these renewable investment and are working with locals and landowners to adopt agrisolar techniques for best practice land  management.


Solar farms are quiet, with the same solar panels you would place on your roof – there are just more of them.


Sheep graze peacefully under the solar panels to help keep the grass down while the panels also provide shade and protection. 


250 MW approved by the Benalla Rural City Council in December 2019.


West of Broken Creek, landowners have signed with Neoen for a potential 400 MW+ solar farm.

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The project is comprised of the Goorambat East Solar Farm approximately 12km north of Benalla, Victoria and the Goorambat West Solar Farm approximately 7km west, north of Stewarton Rd towards Dookie.


Goorambat is an example of a community that has worked together with a vision of a sustainable future.
Generational farmer, Alan Saunders, and local Airbnb owner, Anne-Marie Greenway, explain how this solar farm investment will contribute to benefits to the whole community.



Guaranteed annual income paid to local economy plus up to 8 ongoing jobs

For the climate

Supporting the transition to renewable energy delivered to the National Electricity grid.

For your community

Annual funding for local community initiatives
and projects

Project Lifecycle

They’re very good community minded people.

Eddie Rover, Neighbour

Numurkah Solar Farm in Victoria

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Neoen has been contributing to Australia’s energy transition with 100% renewable energy since 2012.

With a balanced portfolio of wind, solar and big battery projects, we are aiming to achieve 10 GW by 2030. We own and operate all of the projects we build (rather than developing them to be sold) and as long-term neighbours we are committed to sharing the benefits with surrounding communities.

This dedication to community and environment has made us a renewable energy developer of choice in Australia.